The Wanderer - Prajna - In Search of Wisdom

Taking interesting pictures of tourist destinations like Toronto and New Orleans can be challenging. After all, you can only take so many pictures of the CN Tower at night or a musician playing saxophone under a street lamp on Bourbon Street. The project Travels, Some Assembly Required (or T.S.A. Required) was born when I decided on a whim to record the construction of my LEGO Millennium Falcon set. Not satisfied with pictures featuring only bricks in a studio, I took my toys out and go for a joy ride in the cities I loved! The challenge is to make the setting meaningful to the scene, and to make references that could have double meanings for locals and fellow geeks. The Toronto collection was made during a recent family visit in the summer of 2013. As an added bonus, my friends love trying to identify some of the more obscure locations in the city they know and love. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I have had making them. Special thanks to my geeky friends who share this passion with me.